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Canada’s first inflatapark began with the simple vision of creating Toronto’s #1 destination for fun.

The founders of Rinx Toronto and Playtime Bowl & Entertainment launched the concept of The Bubble by creating an entirely new entertainment zone which features a one-of-a-kind, 10,000 square foot inflatapark, complete with obstacle courses, giant slides, climbing walls, huge airbags and other high energy inflatable attractions. The Bubble also includes a supersized laser tag course and an arcade with over 50 games. We welcome you to come experience it for yourself and learn why we tell every visitor to Live Life In The Bubble!


Get the party jumpin’ at Canada’s only inflatapark. Leap, run and climb your way through obstacle courses, giant slides and experience a whole new way to air-filled fun!

  • the wall

    Have the guts to climb to the top of our epic inflata wall? Fun reaches new heights in this thrilling feature that rises near the ceiling of our multi-attraction arena.

    the wall
  • inflata race/obstacle course

    On your mark, get set, race! Our two lane assault course pits you and your friends against the clock, climbing through holes, leaping over obstacles, and snaking past the biff & bash posts!

    inflata race/obstacle course
  • inflata bubbles

    Bouncy bedlam is what’s in store when you climb to the top of these extra bouncy 'bubbles' in the middle of the arena.

    inflata bubbles
  • giant drop slide

    Fun for all ages, our giant inflata slide will have you squealing all the way down.

    giant drop slid
  • inflata bash

    Weave your way through these giant air-filled posts as you chase your pals through the whole Bubble arena.

    inflata bash
  • giant air pillow

    Ready to hit new heights? Bouncing on this giant pillow of fun will get your heart jumpin' and the party bumpin'!

    giant air pillow

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Early Bird Price


*all pricing is based on 55 minutes of jump time *early bird pricing is available for the first two hours of each day

laser tag

Gear up and get ready for an action packed adventure in our brand new black light tag arena. In Laser Tag you will compete by navigating through glowing pillars, arches and passageways in an LED lit, foggy, music filled adventure. Players make their way through the course and obstacles trying to shoot their opponents, all while trying to avoid being hit themselves. The up tempo game can be played in teams or as individual players, with our scoring system keeping track of the all action. Your gear includes the latest in laser vest and phaser technology. All laser tag players must be at least 3ft 6inches to play.

One Experience*


*A laser tag experience is 30 minutes in length


With card system technology, players can win amazing prizes from our redemption store. Current games include Hoops, Ski-Ball, Air Hockey, Walking Dead, Cruisin Blast, Space Invaders, Down the Clown, Giant Crane, Key Master, Big Bass Wheel, Grand Piano, and more. Games change regularly, so stop by to see what is new!

game card pricing

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