party details what you should know

  • Invites – Customize your invite. You can send them out as e-vites or print them out at home! You can also visit us at our location to collect invitations.
  • Waivers – Every participant MUST have a waiver filled out by their parent/legal guardian. You will not be allowed to jump or play laser tag unless we have a valid waiver on file.
  • Guest List – Submit your Guest list 5 days before your party with the first and last name of the jumper and their age. Our events team will verify the waivers in advance to make your check in process smoother and reduce wait time.
  • Confirmation Call – A representative from our Events team will call you the Monday prior to your party to confirm the final number of guests and food orders. You may add or reduce guests and add on additional food from our extensive party extras menu.
  • Check In Process – We ask that you and your guests arrive 15-20 minutes before your party start time for the check-in process.
  • Payment – The final balance for your party is due upon check in.
  • Party Host – Each party will have a designated party host. Your party host will be available to greet you upon arrival and will be responsible for taking you through safety procedures and other instructions before you proceed to your activities. They will also be responsible for serving you the food and drinks when it’s time to eat.
  • Cakes – You may bring in your own cakes/cupcakes. We have a fridge and freezer onsite to store your desserts.
  • Party Zone – Each party will have a table reserved for a 45 minute duration in our Party Zone during which you can enjoy your pizza and cake. This space is available only for the length of time allocated for food and cake and not for the entire duration of your party.
  • Vaccination Policy – We require all guests 12 years and older that are visiting the Bubble to be double vaccinated and for it to be at least 2 weeks from their second dose. All guests must carry a digital or physical copy of their vaccination receipt along with ID.
  • Mask policy – All guests are required to wear their masks at all times within the facility and while participating in the activities.
  • Additional Jumpers – We do operate at specific capacities and cannot guarantee space for additional participants after numbers have been confirmed.
  • Late Arrivals – We cannot extend your party or provide you with additional time at your table due to late arrivals.
  • No outside food policy – We do not allow you to bring in any outside food or beverages. Any additional food and beverages such as coffee/tea must be purchased at our snack counter or restaurant.
  • Décor – We do not provide you with décor. However you may bring in your own balloons and personalised tableware. We do not allow confetti, glitter, piñatas or anything to be hung on the walls.

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